About us

Since I was born, my parents have been taking me to different places. When I was growing up, I have realised the point of the world: I was admiring monuments, walking through the mountains, skiing. One day I thought that nature gives me so much, then why do not give it anything back? That is how the idea was created. The idea of a mark, that would be dedicated to people full of self-confidence, courage and for those, who make their dreams come true.

Few years later I started working on the name of mark. It took so long, untill I have realised, that my company needs to be connected with things I have always been focused on, the success. In this way, the Zwölfer brand was born, associating ambitious people who are not afraid to make their dreams come true, just like me.

Zwolfer products, designed and producted by brand specialists, are timeless style with a piece of modern, inspired by people. Thus everyone will be gently marked out.

I do not want to push someone to think that Zwolfer is the best, you will decide about it. We care about your expectations.

Brand Creator

Kornel Madry